Composing with Rotational Arrays

In the later part of Igor Stravinsky’s career (1882 – 1971), in the 1950s, he started writing serial and twelve-tone music by creating a hexachord array and rotating the notes in this array to be used for both melodic lines and structural harmony.  This technique became Stravinsky’s most characteristic element in his compositions.  The hexachord Read more about Composing with Rotational Arrays[…]

The Axis System as Applied to Minimalistic Composition

The axis system involves harmonic and tonal substitution, and creates a functional relationship between tones and chords.  This system shows how chords and tones relate by intervals of a minor third and a tritone, which function as tonal substitutes for one another.  The axis system was created by Ernő Lendvaí, who was one of the Read more about The Axis System as Applied to Minimalistic Composition[…]