luna Nightlight

luna NightlightTM is a captivating nightlight application for the iPhone and iPad that will capture your imagination, and put you right to sleep by playing your favorite music.  luna NightlightTM is comprised of beautiful spheres dropping from the sky, calmly floating down, and mysteriously disappearing into the night.  Or, turn the phone upside down and watch the celestial bodies float into the depths of outer space dreams.  There are two general types of sphere, one type is synched to either monophonic or stereophonic sound, and the other type of sphere is not linked to audio.  For the two sets of spheres that are linked to audio, there is a left and right sphere, and for monophonic only one sphere is active.  As time goes by the spheres change color adding to your endeavor to a good nights rest.  You will dive deep into the night when luna NightlightTM is properly used.  Display your iPhone next to, or away from you, and enjoy a rapid and adventurous trip to never-never land.  The luna icon is clear proof that you will get a well deserved and good nights sleep!

The following represent two samples of luna NightlightTM, one with and one without audio*:

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 8.12.51 PM Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 9.49.51 PM

There are many color changes that occur over time, as the spheres are beating to the music, the colors are having their own say at rhythmic changes.  The following represent several examples of the different colors you will experience when watching luna NightlightTM:

luna NightlightTM allows the user to search for, and play, their favorite songs that are stored directly on a device.  Other features of luna NightlightTM include the ability to disappear the toolbar with a single screen tap.  luna NightlightTM will be available soon for free download at Apple’s App Store on iTunes.  Both the preloaded or selected piece of music will automatically play five times.  At any point in the select music process, the preloaded piece can be re-loaded simply by visiting the “Select Music” section and tapping the “Cancel” button, then return to the luna NightlightTM and hit “Play”.

*You are listening to A. Vivaldi, Sonata for two violins, Part 1, performed and recorded by LainsDuo.  This particular piece of music has been provided, with permission, to algo ∫ Rhythms by LainsDuo for purposes of the luna NightlightTM demo, and is included as a preloaded tune for distribution inside of luna NightlightTM.

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