Local Binary Patterns

Texture can play a key role in a wide variety of applications of computer vision, and has been a topic of research since the 1960s.  However most of the historical methods have not been capable of performing well enough for real-world textures and are computationally too complex.  In recent years, local texture discriminators have become very efficient.  Once such technique, local binary pattern (LBP), has been successfully applied to many different textures.

Some of the application areas of LBP are; face analysis and biometrics, object recognition, motion analysis, recognition of actions, and visual speech recognition.  The LBPis a simple and elegant technique which labels pixels of an image by thresholding the neighborhood of each pixel and reformulated the result as a binary pattern.  One very interesting aspect of the LBP technique is its invariance against monotonic grey level changes caused by illumination variations.  LBP is also very flexible, it can easily be adapted to different types of problems and used together with other image discriminators.  I have prepared a brief explanation of this technique, please click to view this presentation:


Contact me with any questions regarding the technique of local binary patters and how it can be applied.

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